How to audio call AND block contact using facetime

It only has the function of blocking and sound in Face Time, but without knowing how to activate them, it remains inactive on your iPhone. Now let's see how you can block an unwanted call or contact.

Blocking unwanted contact

The biggest annoyance for iOS 5 users is due to iMessages and FaceTime, which isn't equipped with a people lock feature. As is the case with FaceTime and iMessage, when a person has their phone number, they can contact her or even her email ID in case that happens. This means that you have encountered unwanted messages and calls.

With iOS 6, Apple added a new feature that allowed users to exclude messages that did not come from a known source. Contacts or addresses that are not saved on your device may be excluded, but there is still no way to block them.

The latest version of iOS 7 brings relief to many users who have requested a lock. This latest version comes with a feature that allows you to block a contact or email address. They will not be able to contact you in any way, not even through FaceTime on PC or iMessages.

This is how you can make your own block list:

• Go to the call log in Phone-> Tap the "y" icon next to the contact number-> Block the caller.
• If you want to block a contact through Messages, you have two options, the FaceTime application and the Messages application by going to the call history, or you can use the information in a conversation.

• Go to Settings-> Select an option from the list, such as Messages or Phone or FaceTime. Then you will see the blocked list along with the option to delete the contact; you can even manually add another contact in the same place.

If you take any of the above methods to block a contact at any time when the blocked contact wants to contact you, they cannot contact you. Plus, you won't be bothered by an unnecessary message, notification, or even an email with a blocked contact.

Using FaceTime for an audio call

FaceTime was there on iOS, but with the latest version, iOS 7 can now only be used for audio calls. You don't have to bother adding video to your call. After installing the latest version of iOS installed on your iPhone or iDevice, you will see the FaceTime icon. This time, this application can only make audio calls. This feature is useful when you want to remove the minute limit from your call. This is how it is possible:

• Making an audio call only is similar to a video call, but here you should touch the phone icon instead of using the video camera icon.

• Go to the Contacts app or the FaceTime app while viewing the contact list to start an audio call. Touch your phone to start a call.

• Whenever you create a favorites list by adding a contact in the Phone app or FaceTime app, you will be allowed to add video or audio against the user.

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